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Peter Marshall is a photographer and writer who taught photography for over 30 years. He took up photography seriously after studying photography, film and media studies as a part of his post-graduate teaching qualification in 1971. Later he studied with a number of well-known photographers, including Raymond Moore.

Since his first published work in 1973, his pictures and writing on photography have appeared in a wide range of books and magazines. For eight years he gained a large international audience writing the commercial web site 'About Photography', developing it into a major on-line resource on photography and the history of photography.

He now writes for his own >Re:PHOTO blog as well as occasionally for other sites. His pictures appear on the blog and also on other sites including 'London's Industrial Heritage', 'The Buildings of London', 'The River Lea' and 'My London Diary', as well as the 'Urban Landscapes' site which he runs with Mike Seaborne.

Among the many London events that he photographs regularly is the Notting Hill carnival, which he has been photographing for almost twenty years. He has also photographed other carnivals and is hoping to produce an exhibition and book on London's May Queen festivals.

Peter Marshall

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