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All pictures on these pages are Copyright: © Peter Marshall, 2002, and may not be reproduced in any form without permission. You may link to this site, but to display any images on your own web site, please email for permission. For non-commercial web sites this is normally free, but certain conditions apply.

Prints of images here are normally supplied as fine art inkjet prints on A4 or A5 paper (image sizes approx 10x4 inches or 15x6 inches respectively).

Prices are £45 and £70 respectively, with a £5 charge per order for delivery etc in the UK. Overseas postage at cost.

All orders strictly on a cash with order basis - cheques on UK banks only, payable to 'Peter Marshall'.

Prints are normally dispatched within 14 days of receipt of order.

Please email to discuss your order and for address details etc.

Some of my other sites

My blog about photography.

The Buildings of London
My main web site for my own pictures, with sections on buildings and various events in London and some other work. There is at least one picture fromFinsbury Park

Somewhere to quickly put up pictures I take in London. Arranged month by month. Started in Jan 2001. Always a lot of pictures waiting to be put up, but there is usually some very recent work too. Concentrates on events.

Peter Marshall
June 2002


finsbury park

Peter Marshall       may/june 2002
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