Still Occupied...

a View of Hull

photographs by Peter Marshall


Includes images shown in the exhibition of the same name at the
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull in 1983 and published as a book in 2011

I added a picture a day to this site every day in 2017 as a personal
contribution to Hull's year as UK City of Culture

'Still Occupied' was my first serious attempt to photograph the urban landscape. When I started this project in 1977, Hull was in the throes of a massive redevelopment, with many inner city areas being bulldozed and instant slums being created on its outskirts. It seemed to have learnt nothing from the mistakes I had fought against during the previous decade in inner-city Manchester, and to be a city that had turned its back on its heritage, which as I hope these pictures show, I had come to cherish. You can read a little more about my project here.


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