London 1977


Daltons Weekly, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, 1977
13f56: printers, works, newspaper,

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According to Wikipedia,
'Established during the late 1860s by Herbert Dalton, Daltons Weekly was initially a single broadsheet listing 'Accommodation for Gentleman' in the then fashionable middle class suburbs around Vauxhall in South London. The paper proved very successful, but within two years of starting the paper, Dalton died, leaving it to his brother, who was a butcher and had no interest in publishing. The brother sold the paper to two brothers by the name of 'Hebert', for 100. For the next 102 years, Daltons Weekly remained a family business owned by the Heberts.'
In 1972 the company was sold and the new owners concentrated on using it to market holidays, properties and businesses. I suspect that it was then it moved out of these premises in Vauxhall which I photographed in a rather casual snap (I think taken with tiny Minox 35mm camera I carried in my pocket) on my way to Vauxhall station.
Rather to my surprise the building which was derelict when I took this picture is still there, though rather difficult to spot as its 1930s facade that interested me has been stripped off and the doorway completely removed in a remarkably convincing 'reconstruction'.