London 1978


The Cross Keys and barrows, Covent Garden, Camden, 1978
14c11: camden, pub, barrows, grade II, victorian

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The market at Covent Garden closed in November 1974 and moved to Nine Elms, but there were still some traces in the area.

The Cross Keys is still there, a small pub with an extravagant facade, built with the rest of Endell St in the 1848-9 and Grade II listed. As well as the two cherubs holding St Peter's Keys who I rudely cut off at the top of the frame, the interior walls are incredibly cluttered, thanks to the owner being addicted to the collection of largely Victorian bric-a-brac, abetted until recently by the presence of Bonhams nearby. It's also now soemtimes hard to see the pub through a collection of hanging baskets, tubs, shrubs and flowers, which together with the putti and keys make it one of London's most photographed facades by tourists. Better news is that it is now no longer a Watney's pub.

The barrows outside when I photographed them were I suspect kept there by the landlord to add a little character. More recently the whole area is paved and there are a couple of large barrels, and in summer at least outside seating for the pub.