London 1978


Vauxhall City Farm, Lambeth, 1978
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A group of our friends lived in a council flat in Key House in Kennington and we went with them to Vauxhall City Farm, which one of them was very involved in, and I've put several pictures from the visit on-line.
Usually I like - other things being equal - to work from a normal eye level, it fitting in with my ideas about a naturalistic approach to the medium. Its the viewpoint from which we mainly see things. And these days if I climb up on anything I'm likely to get the shakes, while if I get low down its sometimes rather an effort to get up. I suspect I took this picture from a ladder rather like the one in the picture, presumable there to allow those looking after the goats to easily access their enclosure. Though there isn't one on the other side to allow them to get out, perhaps because the goats might take advantage of it.
At bottom left you can see the head of my wife and our then two-year old son in a buggy looking at the goats, and the two women were I think both among our visiting party. The fence wasn't quite dividing the sheep from the goats, but this did come into my mind and still does whenever I see this picture.