London 1978


Morganite works, Battersea, Wandworth, 1978
14l45: wandsworth, battersea, works,

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A long section of the wall along Church St to the west of the mural. At the end is a building with a notice stating it is Morganite Special Carbons Limited.
Morgan Advanced Materials plc is now a global engineering company with its HQ in Windsor and operating in 50 countries, manufacturing at around 85 plants in over 30 countries and selling to customers in more than a hundred. It describes itself as "a world-leader in advanced materials science and engineering of ceramics, carbon and composites", making "insulating fibres, electrical carbon systems, seals and bearings, ceramic cores, crucibles for metals processing and high technology composites" as well as specialist materials "to perform critical duties in harsh or demanding environments" in "healthcare, petrochemicals, transport, electronics, energy, security and industrial" markets.