London 1978


Park Lane Subway, Mayfair, Westminster, 1978
14o42: westminster, mayfair, subway, shadow,

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Another preoccupation at the time was my interest in shadows, such as this one apparently descending the Hyde Park corner subway at the lower end of Park Lane. Like my interest in reflections, this was at least in part inspired by my interest in the work of Lee Friedlander, whose work I had been introduced to by Creative Camera magazine.
I ordered a copy of his self-published book 'Photographs' (the second from his Haywire Press after his 1970 Self Portrait) when it came out at about the time I took this picture, though it took some time for the Creative Camera bookshop to actually get a copy for me. Self Portrait had been full of shadows, perhaps the earliest and most inventive book of 'selfies', but seemed then (and later when I got a review copy of the 1998 second edition) to rather stretch a single idea too far. 'Photographs' a few years later was a early career retrospective and still in my opinion contains his best work.