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Books and selected web sites by Peter Marshall on London

London Photos

London Photos is now my main site for pictures of London, and currently includes

selected photographs from 1973 to 1979. Some also appear on other sites belom.

London Photos

Early Work 1975-86

London 1974 - My first day with a camera in London

     These pictures are also on my London Photos web site which will cover 1974-1999


The following books contain my pictures are now available, with on-line previews:

London Dérives: ISBN 978-1-909363-08-3 preview - also on the web

City to Blackwall (London Docklands 1): ISBN 978-1-909363-09-0 Preview

The Deserted Royals (London Docklands 2): ISBN 978-1-909363-10-6 Preview

Southwark and Bermondsey (London Docklands 3): ISBN 978-1-909363-11-3 Preview

Rotherhithe & Surrey Docks (London Docklands 4): ISBN 978-1-909363-12-0 Preview

Deptford to Woolwich 1979-85 (London Docklands 5): ISBN 978-1-909363-13-7 Preview

Woolwich to the Darent 1985 (Lower Thameside 1): ISBN 978-1-909363-17-5 Preview

Dartford to Gravesend 1985-6 (Lower Thameside 2): ISBN 978-1-909363-15-1 Preview

East from Gravesend 1981-5 (Lower Thameside 3): ISBN 978-1-909363-18-2 Preview

Books are available as PDFs to provide high quality at low cost. Printed copies also available.

London Buildings Series 1986-2000

London Buildings 1986 (in preparation)

London's Industrial Heritage (website)

The Buildings of London (website - with links to some other aspects of my work)


Other London Works

Before the Olympics - The Lea Valley 1981-2010 ISBN 978-1-909363-00-7- website

1989 ISBN: 978-1-909363-01-4

Thamesgate Panoramas: South of the River ISBN: 978-1-909363-07-6

London's May Queens ISBN: 978-1-909363-06-9

My London Diary 2006 ISBN: 978-1-909363-05-2

Secret Gardens of St John’s Wood book


My London Diary also contains images from around London since 1999, mainly of events but also some urban landscape work. There is a search facility on the site.