Global Street Party


May 16, 1998

37 cities - Bogota, Berlin, Bielefeld, Thuringen, Hamburg, Dresden, Lyon, York, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Geneva, Zurich, Turku, Madrid, Ankara, Istanbul, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Dublin, Derry, Seattle, New York, Berkeley, Olympia, Toronto, Vancouver, Prague, Athens, Luxembourg, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Utrecht, Turin, Zagreb ...



Organised by Reclaim the streets

Reclaim the Streets is a direct action network, founded in 1992, but reformed in 1995. It has no 'leaders' and everyone is invited to attend meetings, suggest ideas and take an active part in making them happen.

Its emphasis is on actions with a positive message, such as street parties in Camden, Islington and on the M41 near Shepherd Bush. RTS is the London contact for a national and international movement of transport and Earth first activists.

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