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March 1998 issue

Cover of Camerwork Issue 13
Cover from Camerwork, based on the original design by Paul Trevor, reproduced in 'The Camerawork Essays'.

The Camerawork Essays

Paul Trevor
A review of the recently published book on Camerawork by one of its founders,
Peter Marshall
Comments on the book from a forthcoming review

A shared vision
Christopher Pert's exhibition
Girton People
a book by Ann Crabbe
From ten years
photos by Ritva Raitsalo
Top of the Phots
Roger Estop
Jill Staples's new book
A note for travellers
New X-Ray equipment can fog film. Tony Mayne
Nick Barker
Picture from the Cooltan Arts show
German Indications
Text and pictures from the WWW - Peter Marshall
News & Letters
LIP Diary

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