London's Rivers

Photographs by Peter Marshall

Sculpture at Battersea Bridge River Thames
This modern sculpture sits with its partner straining to take off for Chelsea on the south bank by Battersea Bridge. There is another sculpture - In Town by John Ravera - in the area to the west of the bridge. Battersea Bridge (1890)was designed by the famous Victorian engineer, Sir Joseph Bazalgette, who was also responsible for the embankments along the river through London and it's modern drainage system
Battersea from Chelsea Harbour River Thames
This view from the new Chelsea Harbour development shows how expensive flats - at right - are crowding out the riverfront. Existing industrial buildings are either demolished to make way for them or converted to flats. At times there is a small gain to the public as planning permission is often dependent on the provision of a public walkway along the riverside, although this on some sites these are difficult to access and cramped.
Some might prefer modern developments such as this to use more contemporary designs for lampposts etc.
St Mary, Battersea River Thames
The high-rise flats apparently flanking the church of St Mary. Battersea are a local authority development presumably from the 1960's and are actually some way back from the riverside. This simple and elegant church, founded before the Norman conquest, but extensively rebuilt in 1777 is perhaps best known for JMW Turner, who painted a series of skyscape from its porch. The building to the left is a disused flour mill; Battersea was an important industrial area from the early nineteenth century. although only traces of this - such as the empty hulk of the famous power station - remain.
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These pictures are part of a large collection taken since 1980 by Peter Marshall.
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