London 1978


Iglesia Ni Cristo, Battersea, Wandworth, 1978
14l22: wandsworth, battersea, church, house,

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The Iglesia Ni Cristo was on a main road in Battersea and close to a railway bridge, probably on Latchmere Rd, but there seems to be no trace of this building now and I think it has been demolished.
The Iglesia Ni Cristo formed its first European congregation in a house - not I think this one - on the Latchmere Rd in 1975 and now has a large modern building not far away in Parkgate Rd. The church was founded in the Phillipines in 1914 by Felix Y Manalo and claims to be the one true church, recreating the original vision of the church founded by Jesus. It is a unitarian church, believing in the one true God and rejecting the divinity of Jesus, who it believes is the 'Son of God' and God's highest creation.
I connected the addition to the billboard's 'Switch to Michelin poster', 'No, switch to Bicycles for Longer Life!' not just with that poster but also with the Church of Christ and its promise of life everlasting.