London 1978


Three young girls, Battersea, Wandworth, 1978
14l25: wandsworth, battersea, girls

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These three girls saw me with my cameras taking pictures - somewhere in Battersea, perhaps at Latchmere House, a small block of council flats at the corner of Abercombie St and demanded that I take their picture. But they were hyperactive and although I took two frames, at least one is moving on both.
I'm not too good at guessing ages, but I think they would now be around 50. I often wondered when I took pictures like this - it was usually easier to do so than to refuse - why they wanted me to take their pictures when they would never get to see them. Often they thought I was 'from the papers' and they wanted their small piece of fame, though I always denied being a press photographer. I think this is probably the first time that I've published this picture and I wonder if any of the three will see it.