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Family Pictures

was one of the first web sites I wrote in 1995, when putting pictures on the web was a novelty. The pictures date from the late 70s and early 80s, and were made when taking family photography seriously was almost unheard of.

West Bermondsey
Not a web site, but a downloadable illustrated leaflet for a walk that concentrates on the industrial archaeology of the former leather area of Bermondsey in South East London. I wrote this in 1992 largely to show how simple, cheap and easy it was to produce such things with Pagemaker and a laser printer. I sold around five hundred copies over the next five years, gave some to the church in Bermondsey St to sell, and gave away many more, before deciding to put it on the web rather than bother to print any more. Although the area has changed considerably, it it still an interesting walk to follow.

Pure Genius
was an event to mark the first anniversary of the occupation of the Wandsworth Eco-Village site in May 1996. For around 6 months an area of long derelict land sprang into alternative life.

Café Ideal, Cool Blondes & Paradise
colour pictures of London in the late 80s and early 90s by Peter Marshall which look at shop windows and other ways in which people advertise their presence on the streets.

my london diary
a diary of my photography in London - covering events an my wanderings around the capital and occasionally outside it, as well as some of my comments on it. Begun around 2000, this site now has around 150,000 pictures on line, arranged by year, month and event for simple navigation.

The Lea Valley - River Lea - Lea Navigation
includes pictures from the source at Leagrave to the Thames at Limehouse and Bow Creek.

Still Occupied - A View of Hull
Based around images from a large show at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull in 1983, I put this site on-line to celebrate Hull's year as 2017 UK City of Culture, adding a new image from the 1970s and 1980s every day throughout the year. I continue to add pictures to the site, though less regularly.

Groups and Group Shows etc

London Arts Café
Was a charitable company set up to promote art in and about cities, which came to an end in 2007/8. I wrote the website, helped to edit the magazine, and was a director and also treasurer for some years as well as photographing many of its activities, curating or co-curating several exhibitions including 'Cities of Walls, Cities of People', shown in Nov-Dec 2001 and running several workshops and guided walks.

4 on London
is a site I wrote about a photography exhibition in London early in 2000, where I was one of the four photographers whose work was shown.

was the Millennium project of a London based photography group which is adding a picture a day to the site throughout 2000, taken on the corresponding day in 1999. This project also produced a CD-ROM which has a similar interface to the web site, but also includes virtually every picture submitted for the project - over 700 images taken in London by over 40 photographers.
This is a great example of simple interface design by Samuel Marshall.

Another London
Photographs by Paul Baldesare, Peter Marshall and Mike Seaborne, shown in London in 2007

English Carnival
Photographs by Paul Baldesare, Peter Marshall, David Trainer and Bob Watkins shown in London in October 2008 as a part of Photomonth2008.

Taken in London
Photographs by Paul Baldesare and Peter Marshall, on show in London in 2009 as a part of Photomonth2009 and the This is Not A Gateway Festival.

Urban Landscapes
A web site curated by Mike Seaborne and Peter Marshall which features outstanding work on the urban landscape from photographers around the world.

was a kind of laboratory for developing photographers through a series of critical meetings and exhibitions. This unfinished site shows some of the history of this group which organised around 20 exhibitions. I have some further material to add, but would also welcome contributions from others who were involved.

was the Journal of London Independent Photography, a group I helped to found around 1989. I edited this magazine for around five years, producing a magazine with a number of challenging features which gained a wider readership for its later issues on the web. The content from these is still available online. I resigned as editor when writing professionally elsewhere took up too much of my time.

Fixing Shadows
is one of the best non-commercial photographic portfolio sites on the web, thanks to the enthusiasm of its founder, David Sapir, and was the first external sites to display portfolios of my pictures. There are also portfolios from some fine photographers, including several well known names, and some historical figures.

About Photography
I no longer have any connection with the photography site at, Inc. The several thousand articles I wrote for that site from May 1999-May 2007 are no longer on line. You may be able to find some of them in the 'Internet Archive'. Web sites wishing to republish any of the material can still do so by contacting and making the licence payment required.

If you have an interest in photographs or the history of photography, you will find a considerable amount of information at the Luminous Lint web site, designed for the professional and fine art photographer, serious amateurs and photography collectors.

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